Erotica X Holly Michaels, James Deen & Jillian Janson in A Sensuous Trinity

Handsome James Deen had doubts who of these beautiful brunette chicks he likes more and with whom we would like to have sex. He came up with brilliant solution, why wouldn’t he propose a threesome to Holly and Jillian. James had success and they both appeared at his apartment wearing sexy outfits and black lace panties.

He let them know each other better and watch them kissing and making out passionately on the floor in front of him. They fondled each other’s big breasts and started touching their vaginas very slowly and gently. James was getting a hard on and barely managed to control himself not to rush and start banging them right away.


He slowly went down and started gently licking one of the girl’s wet vagina, while other girl was kissing her and squeezing her wonderful, round breasts. Then it was time for one of the girls to get the taste of James’s big member.

They didn’t know which one would go first, they they both approached it and started licking and sucking it at the same time. They would grab his big balls, while one them slowly sucks the precum juice, which was already flowing.

As they felt the big cock was hard enough, one of them put it deep inside of her as she started riding it, like proper cowgirl. Moans and soft screams filled the room as they took turns in riding it, while the other one was pleasing herself or kissing her girlfriend passionately. The passionate love-making continued until they all reached a loud, body-shaking orgasm!

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